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Live like a local

It’s not surprising so many people skate across the surface of Paris. It is a very pretty surface. As a tourist, you’ve got plenty of sights to see. But the real life of Paris goes on at a smaller scale, in the mosaic of villages and districts that makes up this wonderful city – from the bars of the rue de Lappe to the bazaars of Pigalle.

So yes, climb the Eiffel Tower. Yes, stroll between masterpieces at the Louvre. Yes, crane your neck at Notre Dame. But as an honorary Parisien, living as a local, you’re also part of the street life: the cafés, bars, bistros and brasseries; the markets, gardens and boulevards. This is the true Paris: the one you only really know by living here.

Wine Tasting

Was education ever this enjoyable? A wine tasting course in Paris is the best way to learn quickly about the wonders of wine, as well as simply delighting in all those fabulous noses, bouquets and full bodies.



If you’re going to live like a local, you need to speak like one – at least a little. Try the language out, explore it as you explore the streets and cafés. Every new discovery brings you a little closer to the heart of Paris.


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