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Welcome to our Dominica rainforest retreat!

We are located in a secluded position in an area called Shawford Estate, but the locals call it "Doshan" which means "Go find it"

We are five minutes from Trafalgar Falls, Titou Gorge, and Watten Waven hot springs.

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Five minutes in the other direction, and you are in the city of Roseau.

Dominica is an island of 290 square miles, 29 miles long and 16 miles wide. We are located in the Lesser Antilles of the Windward Islands.

It is a mountainous island with a tropical climate and plenty of rainfall, sometimes 340 inches a year in the mountains. The average temperature is 80 degrees.


Our Neighbourhood Beach

American Airlines flies direct from most US east-coast cities, with a stop in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The currency is Eastern Caribbean Dollars. The rate is controlled at EC$2.60 = US$1.00.

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A rule of thumb is that however we view a twenty dollar bill, that is how they view their twenty dollar bill - even though to us from the USA it is only eight dollars.

Almost every home you pass in the small villages sells something: coal, coffee, ice-pops. Everyone knows who makes the best ice-cream, and where she sets out her cooler on Sundays, so you can get a cone.

The language of the island is English. It was an English colony until 1978, when it was granted independence.

Over the centuries it fell into French hands many times, and the French language is prevalent. The Creole/patois is spoken by most islanders; sadly to say, however, many of the new generation are not learning patois. There is a dictionary of Patois/English.

The carnival is one of the main highlights of the tourist season. Preparation takes months, but the partying goes on for about two weeks prior to J'ouvert and Carnival Monday and Tuesday (Mardi Gras = Fat Tuesday). It is a very peaceful and safe celebration, colourful and fun. It is not Hollywood, like Trinidad's famous carnival, but it is more accessible to everyone.

Dominica has dubbed itself "The Nature Island" because it has such an array of natural geographical and geological sites, and the lush rainforest spawns every kind of tropical vegetation imaginable.

FYI: There are no poisonous snakes or ferocious animals on the island!

The beaches are made up of sand and volcanic ash from the mountains, so they are mostly grey.

The ocean is crystal clear and calm on the Caribbean side; rougher on the Atlantic side.

The fishing and whale watching are spectacular.

As we've said before: Doshan - Come find us!


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I am a single writer, looking for a place to work for a month.


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PropertyMountain House
Sleeps4 (2 Bedrooms)
AirportDominica (15 km)

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